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Seven Oaks InterchangeWork centers on bridge supports

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Seven Oaks Interchange
Work centers on bridge supports

Construction is taking a turn toward the winter weather at the Seven Oaks (Blackwell Road) interchange along Interstate 5 exit 35, north of Central Point.
That means getting out of the dirt and mud and focusing on bridge work.

“Ross Brothers Construction is continuing to work on the drilled shafts, which will form the vertical piers for the new overpass,” said Project Manager Tim Fletcher.

Once the shafts are drilled, cage-like steel structures are placed inside. After that, a reusable collar is placed around the cages and concrete is pumped in to form the vertical pier.

The existing Blackwell Road overpass is functionally obsolete and traffic volumes are growing in the area. While the interchange remains fairly rural in nature, it is attracting more traffic, especially freight and aggregate trucks.

The $24 million project improves the Seven Oaks or Blackwell Road interchange and replaces the two interstate bridges over the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad. The project is scheduled for completion in 2008.

Project information is available online at:

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