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It’s going to be a busy summer

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State highways will undergo one of the busiest summer construction seasons in decades. The increased workload comes from a combination of state and federal stimulus packages as well as the 10-year, $3 billion Oregon Transportation Investment Act.

Oregon’s Jobs and Transportation Act of 2009 provides revenue for $960 million worth of projects. The funding comes from a 6-cents-per-gallon increase to the state gasoline/diesel tax, raising vehicle registration fees by $16 a year and title fees by $22, and through bonding programs. This Act provides $100 million towards the Multi-Modal Corridor Option Project for Highway 62, which is detailed on page 4.

Fall edition comes out September 10

The next edition of Moving Ahead with ODOT will provide updates on which highway projects are wrapping up and which ones will continue into the winter and next year. Also, we’ll focus on National Car Care Month in October and provide tips to help you get your vehicle in good shape for winter.

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