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Bridge designs are the work of many

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Thanks to the hard work of a group of dedicated volunteers and project staff, the new bridges at Interstate 5 exits 14 and 19 will be distinctive community features unique to Ashland and I-5.

“We’d like to acknowledge the contributions of all of these individuals who worked so hard to ensure that this project represents the best of Ashland,” said, ODOT Area Manager Art Anderson. “By coordinating design input through the advisory committee and the public through our open houses, we are creating not just freeway infrastructure but architectural statements for the community and its visitors.

“It has been very rewarding watching it all come together.”

In 2008, ODOT and the City of Ashland partnered to establish an Aesthetic Advisory Committee consisting of various city commissions and project stakeholders to make design recommendations for each I-5 interchange.

John Galbraith of Galbraith and Associates of Medford turned the committee’s ideas into design concepts. Quincy Engineering provided structural engineering support.

“The partnership has been a positive experience,” said Ashland City Council member Kate Jackson, who also serves on the project committee. “The team was responsive to our requests for information and I am very appreciative that ODOT used a local landscape architect. John Galbraith did a superb job of capturing the themes we discussed.

“The process and the resulting designs reflect well on ODOT and the City of Ashland.”

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