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Stand Locations

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Moving Ahead can be found at these stand locations throughout the Rogue Valley

Britt Festival 
216 W. Main St.
Capri Motel 
250 E. Barnett Rd.
Cedar Lodge 
518 N. Riverside Ave.
Chamber of Commerce 
101 E. 8th St.
727 Medford Center
Ed’s Tire Factory 
2390 N. Pacific Hwy.
Food 4 Less 
2230 Biddle Rd.
Jackson County Library 
205 S. Central Ave.
Knights Inn 
500 N. Riverside Ave.
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
701 N. Central Ave.
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
2095 Commerce Blvd.
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
2121 S. Pacific Hwy.
Plaza Motel 
1102 N. Riverside Ave.
Red Carpet Inn
525 S. Riverside Ave.
Redwood Inn 
722 N. Riverside Ave.
Rodeway Inn 
841 S. Riverside Ave.
Rogue Valley Transportation 
Crater Lake Ave.
Sherm’s Thunderbird 
2347 Jacksonville Hwy.
Sunset Inn 
617 N. Riverside Ave.
Witham’s Truck Stop 
2343 Biddle Rd.
Jacksonville Inn 
175 E. California St.
Stage Lodge Motel 
830 N. 5th St.
Jackson County Parks 
400 Antelope Rd.
Jackson County Roads
200 Antelope Rd.
100 Antelope Rd.

RV Council of Governments 
155 N. 1st St.

Petro Fuel 
3730 Fern Valley Rd. 
Super 8 Motel 
300 Pear Tree Ln. 
Ashland Motel 
1145 Siskiyou Blvd
Cedarwood Inn 
1801 Siskiyou Blvd
600 Tolman Creek Rd.
Flagship Inn 
1193 Siskiyou Blvd
Knights Inn 
2359 Ashland St.
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
2308 Ashland St.
La Quinta Inn 
434 S. Valley View Rd.
Palm Motel 
1065 Siskiyou Blvd.
Plaza Inn 
98 Central Ave.
Stratford Inn 
555 Siskiyou Blvd.
Timbers Motel 
1450 Ashland St.
Windmill Inn 
2525 Ashland St.

340 NE Beacon Dr. 
1690 Allen Creek Rd.
Auto Zone 
1695 NE 6th St. 
Auto Zone 
1601 Williams Hwy.
1995 NW Vine St.
162 NE Beacon Dr., Ste.127
Fred Meyer 
1101 Grants Pass Pkwy.
Josephine County Planning 
500 NW 6th St. 
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
1694 NW 6th St.
Les Schwab Tire Co. 
320 Union Ave.
News & Smokes 
1330 NW 6th St. 
Riverside Inn 
971 Se 6th St. 
Roe Motors 
201 NE 7th St.

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