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Ashland interchanges get kudos from City

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The recently completed work on the Interstate 5-Ashland interchanges received a job well done by the City of Ashland last month.

ODOT and Landscape Architect John Galbraith were recognized by the Ashland Historic Commission for the outstanding aesthetic work done on exits 14 and 19, namely the Art Deco bridge design, color and landscaping.

The agency replaced the exit 19 bridge and modified the existing exit 14 overpass and interchange through the Oregon Transportation Investment Act.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the city,” said ODOT Area Manager Art Anderson. “We appreciated the advisory committee’s hard work, especially since it will be seen and enjoyed by residents and visitors for generations to come.”

Because exit 14 is the first urban interchange into Oregon from California, consideration was given to make it a gateway, constructing the bridge to meet the local aesthetics.

During design, ODOT asked the city in 2009 to appoint an aesthetics advisory committee to come up with a look. After several meetings the committee chose designs to match the downtown Art Deco look, as well as colors to reflect the nearby natural environment.

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