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I-5 investments from Central Point to Ashland

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Exit 35 ($24 million, 2010) — The Oregon Transportation Investment Act III (OTIA III) funded a major redesign that included replacement of the interchange overpass and two bridges, which span the railroad tracks to the north.

Exit 33 ($3.4 million, 2012) — Project replaced the Pine Street Bear Creek Bridge, added a lane for the southbound off-ramp, and lanes on Pine Street to accommodate destination traffic for the Pilot Truck Stop.

Exit 30 ($36 million, 2008) — Major redesign improved safety and reduced congestion by providing better connections between I-5, Oregon 62 and local roads.

Exit 27 ($97 million, 2009) — Built a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) to replace the I-5 interchange at Barnett Road, where traffic queues on the southbound off-ramp were daily incidents. The SPUI increased capacity and improved safety in south Medford.

Exit 24 ($72 million, 2016) — Scheduled for completion later this year, the new Phoenix interchange is Oregon’s first diverging diamond interchange design, which improves safety and increases capacity with a smaller footprint that reduced project costs and reduced construction impacts to neighboring businesses.

Exit 21 ($486,000, 2007) — A new concrete deck was added to this I-5 overpass, which is one of the last I-5 structures originally built in the 1960s.

Exit 19 ($5.7 million, 2012) — OTIA III funded the replacement of Ashland’s north interchange with a wider structure. The new structure received aesthetic treatments to match Ashland’s bookend interchange at Exit 14. This project also replaced I-5 bridges between Exit 19 and Exit 14, including the Eagle Mill Road and the Bear Creek structures.

Exit 14 ($8 million; 2013) — OTIA III funded repair of Ashland’s gateway interchange with art deco finishing to harmonize with Exit 19. Improvements included new signals and illumination around the interchange.

Exit 11 ($305,000; 2007) — Like Exit 21, a new concrete deck was added to this directional interchange into Ashland.

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