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Slide repairs needed on Oregon 66

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Slide activity on Oregon 66 (Greensprings Highway) requires more repair work, according to ODOT Maintenance Manager Everett Carroll.

“We have a lot of snowmelt draining from the hills,” said Carroll. “We’re monitoring the slide activity and patching asphalt for now as a temporary repair.”

ODOT has spent roughly $40,000 over the last two months patching slide damage on the Greensprings Highway between Buckhorn Springs Road and Soda Mountain Road near milepost 12, a location well known for slide activity. In 2006, slide activity required a temporary highway closure while ODOT installed a larger culvert and raised the roadbed.

“This is a slide-prone area,” said Carroll. “The heavy rainfall and runoff has forced our crew to make highway repairs nearly every day.”

ODOT is designing a permanent fix for construction scheduled for summer 2018. With the increased slide activity, that timeline may be pushed up to this summer.

The agency will purchase property downhill from the slide, part of a $700,000 repair project that will require a temporary highway closure and detour. The property will be used to build a large rock buttress and a new drainage system to keep the highway in place.

You can watch a video of slide repair on Oregon 66 online at

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