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Bridge Rehabilitation Projects

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Travelers continue to encounter single-lane traffic conditions on the Barnett Road Bridge, which spans Interstate 5, as prime contractor Carter and Company continues deck repairs.

“The bridge is actually two bridges,” said ODOT Project Coordinator Shawn Daw. The original I-5 overcrossing, built in 1962, is in the worse shape and requires more time to repair. According to Daw, the newer half, constructed in 1976, is in much better shape.

The bridge deck is a patchwork of previous repairs. The repairs ultimately fail, requiring patching all over again.

“The contractor will chain drag the bridge deck to find the bad spots, repair them, and then prepare the deck for a new overlay,” said ODOT Region Bridge Engineer Bob Grubbs.

ODOT scheduled repair work for completion by the end of this month.

Medford viaduct

Weather-dependent deck repairs to the I-5 Medford Viaduct are complete for this year. Carter and Company will return next summer to complete repairs on the northbound lanes.

“Carter ran into some more extensive repairs on the northbound bridge deck than anticipated,” said Daw.

Night repairs in the closed lane of traffic included jackhammering the poor concrete, cleaning the area, and filling and leveling it with quick-hardening concrete. The next step involved applying a new sealant along with new striping.

During the work, the City of Medford Police photo radar van was on site to help enforce construction speeds and increase safety in the work zone. Due to the tight quarters, the work zone speed limit was 40 mph with an advisory speed of 35 mph. The highest speed Medford Police recorded in the work zone was 90 mph.

“It’s very well posted as you come into the work zone,” said Medford Police Sgt. Don Lane. “We are focused on traffic safety, not numbers.”

See how close I-5 traffic comes to construction workers:

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