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Safety on your Mind…

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After an unprecedented spring of COVID-19 and the resulting job losses and illness, health and safety are all understandably on our minds.

For us, it’s how we work safely with our contractors to complete necessary transportation projects. But perhaps the biggest part of this partnership is you.

You’ll see safety as a recurrent theme in our construction publication this year. What does safety look like? Where it makes sense, it’s moving major road work to the nighttime hours; it’s detouring – separating traffic from active work zones where workers can literally be an arm’s length from moving vehicles and critical injury and death.

This move didn’t come lightly. After near misses and even fatalities involving our workers and those of our contractors, we’re examining every project as to how to separate workers from live traffic. If not outright detours, then it’s extending the work hours beyond the nighttime into the daytime.

If you’re delayed or detoured because of this, please know we have weighed the risk. Your lives as well as the lives of our co-workers and contractor partners are important. We want them to go home to their families every night. We know that’s where you want them to be too.

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